Start Learning Test Automation Today - And Make It Work For YOUR Projects

Stand Out In The Test Automation Crowd And Boost Your Career Prospects Too!

Even if you have no experience with coding (yet!)
And without having to learn every automation tool and language on the planet

I'll also share a bonus tutorial - a simple tip that helped one tester automate his test cases five times faster than before...

You'll Create Your Own Tailored Path To Crushing Agile Test Automation 

  • Discover the Four Essential¬†Skills you'll need to succeed with any agile test automation project (Hint: Only one involves automation tools like Selenium!)
  • Learn AI tools like ChatGPT can help you with automation - or slow you down if you use them wrong!
  • Find out the Three Fundamental Principles of agile test automation that apply no matter what technology stack or language you are using
  • Get a¬†convenient 1-page roadmap (print it out and put it on a wall near your desk!) to guide you through your learning journey
  • Find out The Best Place To Start so you start getting tangible results fast, and don't get stuck along the way.
  • Discover The Ideal Order To Learn Things In (so that they really stick!)
  • And learn about a¬†Simple Game-Changing Technique you can use to improve quality and reduce defects before you learn any automation code.

Because Test Automation For Today's Project's Is Different...

Most approaches to learning test automation learning present you with a huge stack of languages, tools and techniques they expect you to learn. 

It's frankly overwhelming!

But, under the hood, the fundamental approach they describe hasn't evolved in 30 years. 

They treat automation as a purely technical problem, as a set of skills to learn and tools to master.

At the end of the day, it comes down the the same thing: they focus solely on how to use automation tools to automate your manual test cases.

That's what we were doing 25 years ago, when we were starting out with automation tools. 


These days, to keep up, you need to start automation during the sprint. Sometimes even before development starts. 

And if you're just automating manual test cases, after a feature is stable? (i.e. the way most teams try to do it). Well, no matter what tool your using, chances are it's already too late.

You need to start way earlier. With the requirements themselves.

And that's the trick: you need to learn how to automate your requirements, not your test cases.

Believe me, that changes everything.

But modern test automation is so much more than just a set of tools. 

Sure, you'll need to know how to code to do automation. But if you learn to code without the fundamentals, you'll just end up writing fragile, flaky test scripts that are a nightmare to maintain.

Sure, you need to learn how to use tools like Selenium, Cypress, Playwright, Cucumber and many others. These can be challenging to beginners, but once you understand the core principles well, if you learn the right things in the right order, the tools aren't actually the hardest part to learn.

More importantly, modern test automation a mindset change. It's a fundamental shift in the way you think about your role as an agile tester.

An approach that goes back to the fundamental reason you want to automate in the first place: so that you and your team to deliver quality features faster. 
  • Rather than writing, then automating, manual test cases, old-school style, you write your requirements in a way that makes them easier and faster to automate.
  • Rather than waiting till a feature is stable and finished to start automating your tests, you start early, and make sure the application itself is easy to write automated tests for.
  • And rather than diving into test scripting, you master the fundamental coding and design practices first, so that your automation framework is scaleable and robust, and that the tests become easier, not harder, to automate as time goes on.
The Modern Test Automation Roadmap shows you how you can learn this approach yourself. It gives you a different way to learn automation. A pragmatic, practical approach that doesn't overwhelm you with tools and languages you need to learn, but instead guides you through the key principles that you'll need to master, if you want to use these tools well.

It's an approach you can tailor to your own needs and goals, but that keeps you focused on the essential practices you'll need to succeed.

It's the approach I personally use to teach testers with my corporate clients. It's the same approach I use for the testers I train and mentor individually. 

It works pretty well.

Curious? Download the roadmap (it's free of course) and check it out.

And don't forget to watch the bonus video tutorial!
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