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What's next?

Folk who are serious about agile test automation know that the first place to start isn't the with the automation tools: it's with the requirements.

Because, as experienced agile test automation engineers will tell you, writing high quality requirements and acceptance criteria is the best guarantee to getting dependable, high quality test automation, that you can deliver in sprint, time after time.

Start writing more powerful and more effictive BDD acceptance criteria and scenarios with higher coverage and that are easier to automate (and spend less time doing it!) in our new training module:

Master Writing BDD Scenarios And Acceptance Criteria

With This In-Depth Video Training For All Agile Testers


After completing this training, you'll be able to... 

👉 Reduce the time and effort you spend in test automation: by writing high quality BDD scenarios this way, you'll find test automation quicker and easier to implement;

👉 Spend less time trying to understand what the business really need, so you can write top-notch acceptance critera and BDD scenarios faster: you'll know what scenarios you should write, and how to write them so they give you the high coverage and business folk the most confidence;

👉 AND you'll be able to reduce defects and speed up delivery as well

Because before you learn how to automate, 
you need to know what to automate

A few simple techniques can go a long way:
  • Pankaj, SDET in a large investment bank, reduced the size of his test scripts by 61%, and can now automate new scenarios in a fifth of the time it used to take him (and got a promotion in the process!)
  • A team working in another big bank I worked with can now automate over 300 business rules per week, written in close collaboration with business folk (at last count they had specified and automated 2405 business scenarios)
  • Shazia, tester in a digital services consultancy , slashed the size of her existing Gherkin scenarios by 85%, improving coverage and discovering missing requirements along the way!

The Agile Requirements Discovery Blueprint Training shows you how to write powerful and expressive acceptance criteria, and streamline your whole requirements discovery process

 The hidden treasure you’ve been looking for.
- Estella de Carvalho

In this training you will learn

  • How to get more clarity about the real user requirements sooner (and to uncover the stuff they forgot to tell you!)
  • ​​How to take a genuine leadership role in requirements discovery and definition (
  • ​How to make sure features are well defined and testable from the outset
  • How to have better conversations with business folk and other team members, so that you can uncover edge cases and missing requirements sooner
  • How to write powerful and expressive acceptance criteria using Gherkin, the language of tools like Cucumber and SpecFlow
  • ​The five essential qualities of highly effective acceptance criteria

In a simple four-step process...

  • STEP 1) Understanding The Agile Requirements Discovery Process, and your role in it as an agile tester
  • STEP 2)  Drive the conversations to identify the essential acceptance criteria
  • STEP 3) Turn your acceptance criteria into executable specifications form using the Gherkin language
  • ​STEP 4) Going beyond the syntax and writing powerful acceptance criteria that kick butt

Understanding The Agile Requirements Discovery Process, and your role in it as an agile tester

In this module we discover how the BDD process uses simple conversations about business rules and concrete examples to help get clarity around the requirements we need to implement and test, and uncover what we don't know. We'll learn about the overall BDD process, and where a modern agile tester fits into the mix.

You'll learn:
  • How BDD really works (it's not just about test automation!)
  • The role of the 3 amigos in the BDD process
Once you've understood the overall process, you dive into the details in Step 2.

Drive the conversation to identify the essential acceptance criteria

Learn pragmatic and practical strategies to get the requirements you need, using deliberate structured conversations with BAs and product owners. You'll discover how to uncover those tricky edge cases and overlooked assumptions that lead to defects later on, and save a ton of time in the process!

In this module you'll learn to master the key BDD collaboration practices, including:
  • Using Example Mapping to get maximum coverage in minimum time
  • ​Using Feature Mapping to get clarity on business flows, goals and expected outcomes
  • ​Modelling Business Requirements and hunting edge cases with Tables and Flows
  • Three powerful questions to uncover edge cases and forgotten requirements
  • ​Slicing larger features and epics into smaller, more manageable user stories
  • ​Defining Epic and Story-level acceptance criteria, to get the right feedback at the right time
Once you know what acceptance criteria you need, you turn them into an executable format in Step 3.

Turn your acceptance criteria into executable specifications form using the Gherkin language

Gherkin is the Given..When..Then notation we use to write automated acceptance tests using tools like Cucumber, SpecFlow and Behave. It has become the de facto standard way for agile teams to express their acceptance criteria.

But 90% of the acceptance criteria I see in the wild are poorly written! As a result: 
  • They are harder to automate
  • They don't help you to get meaningful feedback from business folk;
  • They miss critical edge cases, leading to defects during development.
In this module, you'll learn to write Acceptance Critera in Gherkin properly. You'll learn:
  • How to express different kinds of acceptance criteria in Gherkin
  • The difference between an executable specification and a traditional test script (get this wrong, and maintenance will become a nightmare!)
  • How to use the latest Cucumber features to make your executable specifications even more expressive.
Once you are fluent in writing Gherkin, you take things to the next level, and learn how to write robust and maintainable acceptance criteria for a range of business domains.

Going beyond the syntax and writing powerful acceptance criteria that kick butt

Now that you have mastered the Gherkin syntax and structures, we teach you how to write world-class acceptance criteria that will be easy to automate and easy to maintain.

You will learn:
  • ​The 5 secrets to writing high quality Gherkin scenarios
  • The fatal trap that 90% of Gherkin scenarios (including the ones in a lot of online tutorials and videos) fall into
  • The dangers of test scripts written in Gherkin, and how to avoid them
  • How to write scenarios that don't break with every application change
  • How to keep exactly the right amount of detail in your scenarios

 End-to-end BDD in Practice

In this bonus module, you see an example of the full BDD process, from discovering the requirements and writing the Gherkin scenarios, right through to automating the acceptance criteria and producing living documentation and test reports.
Here’s What People Are Saying:

Pierre Kanoha

Head of QA, Paris

Any journey always starts by some achievements that motivate you to go ahead and to enjoy the trip even when it's hard.

I understood many new important principles thanks to this first module the reasons why I was struggling with my team to write efficient feature files and scripts. 
Thank you John Ferguson Smart for the quality of you work. My Udemy and YouTube workshops wasn't enough to master the subject like I just did. ✌🏾

Estela de Carvalho

QA Software Tester with Automation, Lisbon

For both BAs and QAs this is a gem!!

Being BA or QA is confusing enough. But once you start doing serious work as a BA or as a QA, this course really is the hidden treasure you’ve been looking for.

Suhail Kaka

Test Automation Engineer, Johannesburg

From requirements discovery, to writing executable specifications and generating living documentation, this was brilliant. BDD was really put into perspective for me, especially from how value can be attained from writing executable specifications, that will make the automation code more functional, maintainable and actually execute the requirements. 
Thank you John Ferguson Smart, simply brilliant.

Shazia Chouglay

SDET, London

I haven't come across anything on udemy or youtube which is as succinct and brainstorming about BDD, loving this course so far. Glad came across this course :). I have been through books but this is more fun and engaging. I am thoroughly enjoying the course and look forward to learn each day!

Suchismita Behera

Test Automation Engineer, Dublin

Examples used to explain each use case is very useful and practical. Explanation is very simple and hence easier to understand.

Saikiran Illendula

Senior Test Engineer, Pune

Thank you very much for this course [and] for the amazing content keeping motivated from start till end of the course. Thanks to Serenity Dojo for providing such a great online platform to learn!

Rishabh Kumar

Test Automation Lead, London

"Many thanks for an amazing insight on BDD!"
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