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Here at the Serenity Dojo we do things differently.

Because we believe that our highest priority is not for us to teach: it is for you to learn, so that you can achieve your personal and professional goals.

This means we have a rather unique (and uncompromising) approach to how we help you learn test automation and agile testing.Β 

Rather than teaching in classrooms or bootcamps, we take you on a tailored training and mentoring journey adapted to your specific goals and learning style.

Rather than just teaching tools and theory, we create an engaging, interactive environment where you learn real-world skills and practices, so you understand when and how to use test automation to get the best outcomes for your organisation.

And rather than focusing on short-term superficial learning, we go deep - students stay on the programme 3-6 months, because deep, sustainable learning takes time, and we embrace that.

It's probably unlike anything you've come across: but it works.

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Manual Testers Are BecomingΒ Test Automation Engineers Right Now!


From Manual Testing To Test Automation Lead

Alla came to us looking for work. 2 weeks into the program, using what she had learned already, she nailed a test automation job in a top 25 Bank in the US. Two months later she was playing a leading role in a new test automation project.
Hear her story:

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From help desk to test automation lead

Estela went from working on a help desk to mastering test automation and leading a major BDD initiative in her company. Hear her story:

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"I wasn't expecting to progress so fast!"

Devang went from manual testing to confident advanced test automation in under 6 months.

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"Nothing compares to the Serenity Dojo program"

Listen to Sachin's learning journey towards agile test automation.

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Listen to Faisal's story

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"Really the best investment a person could make for themselves"

Listen to Shazia's story

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"The training I was looking for"

Hear about Shannon's experience with the programme

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"The live sessions are invaluable"

Hear about Yacdaniel's experience with the Serenity Dojo Graduate Programme

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Two Job Offers Halfway Through The Program!Β 
The Rohit Bahadur Case Study

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"Do yourself a service and do this course"

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Read what some of John's other students have to say...

Transformed my career!
With John's help and training, I went from being a manual tester to being a lead test automation engineer - it has transformed my career!Β 

His training takes care of all the basics required to do automation. From Java fundamentals and advanced java to all the tools necessary to do automation as an expert.Β 

I am blessed to have got the opportunity to learn from him, which has shaped my career extremely well, and has made my foundations very strong.

Thanks a lot John!
- Megha Jaiswal
Amazing Results!
The results were amazing! John is a thought leader and expert who has a deep and thorough knowledge of BDD, Agile development, software development, DevOps and Continuous Delivery, programming languages and build and test tools. I have not come across anyone in the world who has such a high level of expertise across so many technologies and practices.

- Trevor Vella, Delivery Manager
Loved the courses!
"Love the courses, they helped me to boost my knowledge a lot. Will recommend them to my colleagues!"

Β  Β  - Elena Volokhova, Test Automation Engineer
A turning point in my career!
"The course was a turning point in my career. With the skills I learned, my test automation code is now world-class!"

Β  Β  - Ataam Choudhary, Test Automation Engineer
A completely different approach to writing test code!
"The way I write code has changed after doing this course: it is now so much more readable, better organised and easier to maintain."

Β  Β  - Sayali Kotkar, Test Automation Engineer

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